'Horrible Bosses' 2 Gets A Trailer!!

Jul 2, 2014
Dale, Nick and Kurt are back! The trio of employees abused by their bosses are reuniting once again in the form of 'Horrible Bosses 2'. Warner Bros. just released a new trailer for the upcoming comedy which may be viewed after the jump:
I honestly am nervous with this movie because of the surprising amount of great comedies released this year (One of which is the fantastic '22 Jump Street'.), and it may not end up as funny as those. There might be a chance it will turn out as 'The Hangover' sequels. But oh well, at least Kevin Spacey is reprising his role as Dave Harken Jennifer Aniston and Mother-f**ker Jones, ehhrr Jamie Foxx.

'Horrible Bossses 2' opens on November 26 distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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