TOP 5: The Films of David Fincher

Sep 29, 2014
Born in 1962, David Fincher has been one of Hollywood's most prolific and insanely talented directors in this generation. Like many filmmakers, he started doing commercials and music videos (for Madonna and The Rolling Stones to name a few, how awesome is that). But it is his second break that earned him the recognition and praise that he's getting nowadays (I guess you already know how "Alien 3" turned out right?.).

10 films under his name, his trademark of mystery or the infamous dark color palette in his frames has made quite an impact to a lot of viewers that made the stature that he is now. And with his latest film 'Gone Girl' being released next week-- I'll give you my TOP 5 David Fincher movies.

5. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011)
While many Hollywood re-do's often failed because they simply lose the charm the original had, David Fincher's take on the popular Stieg Larsson's novel never disappoint. It didn't at all. Part of it that made it so successful was the fact that the story itself is perfect for a director like him. The bleak atmosphere of the film made everything look so eerie, and quite possibly the greatest title sequence out there. Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig (minus the accent) were startling.

4. The Game (1997)
A movie in between the making of Fincher's two classics ("Se7en" and "Fight Club"), 'The Game' was perhaps a very underrated movie. Without looking at it's final act, everything about this film felt like you're in a roller coaster ride going nowhere. You were injected in a series of twists and terror with Michael Douglas (which is amazing in this film) whose character sees himself in a string of bad-lucks and the worst time of his life. But prepare for the most tense-inducing taxi cab ride in a film.

3. Se7en (1995)
"What's in the box!?!", says Brad Pitt in the haunting finale of this movie. 'Se7en' is fueled, jacked-up, charged with edge of your seat sequences scene-after-scene. This film has become one of the most intense experience I had in a film in memory. *Beeeeep* who played the game-maker/ killer in the film showing up for the first time, and that shoot-out sequence in the hotel, there's a lot of tension in this thriller that'll get you drooled over. The finale is definitely a big surprise, but not as big as the next film in this film is.

2. Fight Club (1999)
Well, I have to disobey rules 1 and 2 of Fight Club since I really have to talk about this. 'Fight Club' is one of those films that gets on you-- even up to this day. It has continuously surprising a lot of generations with it's killer twist at the end. Ed Norton and Brad Pitt are at their utmost terrific acting prowess as the film's two (or one... hmmm) leads. It still got you at every repeat viewing, and the revelation never gets old. 

1. The Social Network (2010)
If you still don't know, a big part in my heart loves 'The Social Network'. It is my second all-time favorite film, and Fincher's most powerful, captivating work to date. The film earned many accolades of how genius it is, thanks to Aaron Sorkin's fast-paced, genius screenplay and the superior performances by the cast (most notably Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield..). The film tackled the subject of friendship, betrayal and justice in an interesting way. Just an exemplary work of filmmaking.

Be sure to catch David Fincher's next film, "GONE GIRL" in cinemas October 8. Locally distributed by 20th Century Fox, thru Warner Bros. Pictures.
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