Neighbors (Film Review)

Oct 5, 2014
I took a break from these pre-Awards Season movies by watching something that's completely different. A bizarre comedy from Director Nicholas Stoller about the antics of a couple versus the forces of a college fraternity. Completely weird but hilariously interesting premise, Neighbors is one heck of a fun movie. 

Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen plays Mac and Kelly Radner, your typical suburban couple living in peace and happiness. But all of that will change when an unexpected fraternity moves next to their house, with one rule and one rule only to them: "Never ever call the cops when it's already too much.". After betraying that code, the couple sees themselves on a feud with their neighbors. From surprise Robert De Niro parties to blackmailing, the list goes on... and things could get a little more nasty...

When it comes to fraternity movies, Todd Phillips' "Old School" still reigns as the best. While I enjoyed this movie a bit, 'Neighbors' didn't come as close. There were a few chuckles here and there, but there was never a single big laugh to have with here. I thought the jokes were a little bit offensive, racial, and absurdly stupid.
Seth Rogen gave what he had to do, and he delivered one of his worst performance in this movie. Well, imagine just him in every other film hes' done, that's basically him in this movie. Rose Byrne, on the other hand, brings the daringness and the zaniness in the movie. And my word, the things she had done for this movie, very impressive. She never got noticed that much before, but she sure will now!

Zac Efron is a breakthrough here. The guy has continuously getting better and better, and he's just so good here. Dave Franco, on perhaps his most fitting role yet, as Zac Efron's right-hand man/ best-friend, did okay.

It gets a little bit choppy, too tedious, and kind of meretricious, this movie has become inconsistent from time to time. It had it's flaws and hits, but it repeats itself too much. Still watchable for that Robert De Niro party though..

The geek rates it 5.5/10. 
'Neighbors' is out on Blu-ray and DVD in your local record bars nationwide!!

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