Interstellar (Film Review)

Nov 11, 2014
'Interstellar' -- the latest movie behind the brains of Jonathan and Christopher Nolan that delves deeper with the concept of time and black hole where no film has gone before. I have seen it twice, and though there are flaws that are pretty noticeable and how divisive moviegoers will be on it's ending, there's no denying it's still a great experience at the cinema. Toppled with intense performances by it's all-star cast, gorgeous looking visuals, and the unbelievable space travel sequences that are mind-blowing.

Unlike what other people would compare this film to, Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity, the Earth is presented as the wasteland. Corn was remaining source of energy to supply the mankind, and dirt has slowly wiping out everything we worked for. The space, and the far reaches of galaxy might be the only hope for our human race to survive; with potential habitable worlds that could conserve us.
Enter Matthew McConaughey's Cooper, a former engineer that is tasked to go up against Anne Hathaway, David Gyasi and Wes Bentley on an intergalactic voyage to the vast place of space and time, and also the family he is leaving behind.

This film being the most hyped film of the rest of 2014, the excitement that builds up with the movie is crazy, not only it is Christopher Nolan's comeback post-Batman trilogy, 'Interstellar' might have been the last few film we might see that's shot on traditional film. The outburst of film-buffs in my screening were present, with the giggles of the crowd every time a wideshot of space is projected on-screen. It's crazy.
It was a beautiful film. It truly is. And how the new technology and CGI was utilized in the film felt natural, without the second thoughts of actually looking like something that's made out a computer. The realism and gorgeousness of the artworks done by the effects team were spot-on. I honestly thought I was actually looking at what might be a real black hole. 

Add that to the IMAX 70mm format (You seriously need to see this film at this), which extends the awe-ness of the experience to a more groundbreaking scale. It's essentially like going to see 2001: A Space Odyssey as a kid.

The performance were great. Led by a fresh Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey, the McConaissance continues as he brings the movie to a high level of drama. The father-and-daughter relationship between him and Mackenzie Foy was so affecting, that I really wish the movie could've been better if it focuses more on that than making pitstops at space.
Recurring Nolan alumnus, Anne Hathaway and the great Michael Caine were no exception. The two also played father-and-daughter that needed more characterization. Same goes to Casey Affleck and Wes Bentley whom the audiences didn't bother that much whenever something "big" happens to them. 

The plot holes will be there. Nolan himself expressed his fair share of comments that the ending will indeed split the audiences into two. Pretty obvious since the ending really sets to a conclusion where it doesn't need to be. There is a scene halfway through the final act of the film (You'd already guess this one if you already saw the movie) where it could've been a lot perfect if it concludes there as it is. But it wants to delve more, and continued moving on for the next 10 or so minutes. That's just me.
Anyways, three hours didn't feel like a stretch at all since it really makes you continue to wonder scene-after-scene. It mightn't be as mind-boggling as Nolan's headhitters Inception or Memento, 'Interstellar' is still a heck of a ride through space and time. It has been a while wherein a mainstream film could cause more discussions and blown-up brains than this movie. A trippy experience at the cinema, indeed.

The geek rates it 8/10.
'Interstellar' is now showing in cinemas nationwide, and available in various formats (IMAX 70mm, IMAX Digital, 4DX, 35mm, Digital) from Warner Bros. Pictures Philippines!!

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