Boyhood (Film Review)

Dec 9, 2014
On one of the most intimate cinematic experience I had this year, ‘Boyhood’ pulled off the greatest magic trick than any other film attempted—Making the audience believe they’ve spent 12 years with a boy in the span of three hours.  The wonder behind this is not just of the story unfolded on-screen, but the amazing approach that has been done making this movie: Shooting it from the summer of 2002 up until 2013 to document a man from childhood to adulthood. It’s crazy. 

The danger that could potentially happen on the making of the movie was if one of the main actors got killed during production. Though a lot of you might say they can re-cast him/her, well this is just a single film; and the presence of other guy shoeing in for the original actor will definitely took audiences away from the movie. This leads to what I absolutely loved about this film that despite its lengthy running, which is very long for my attention span, it didn’t felt like it. And I if Director Richard Linklater could make this as 12 hours, I wouldn’t complain.
An epic through scope and background, it is a very emotional film narratively. But the emotional part didn’t happen until the movie’s final moments, wherein the chain of events in its first 2 hours make sense and you start to reflect on it. And just to witness Patricia Arquette (the kid’s Mom in the movie) burst into emotion because Ellar Coltrane is being sent off to college is just heartbreaking. Because you grew up with him, and you’re too attached that when all of a sudden he leaves you, those years felt it just go by. 
Aside from the film’s hero, Mason, the story arc between its side characters were also terrific. Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette were amazing in this movie, their performances didn’t felt like movie performance, but as of what you would see in real life. Their approach and commitment to this project was a bold move, and I am already expecting Oscar nods from them next year. Ellar Coltrane and Lorelei Linklater (who is the director’s daughter) has improved their acting from year to year, which is also great.
‘Boyhood’ is a fantastic movie. I couldn’t recommend this more, because this is a once-in-a-century film that’ll change your outlook on life itself. To paraphrase the film's last line: "this movie will seize you."

The geek rates it 10/10.

‘Boyhood’ is now showing in selected cinemas nationwide, and locally distributed by United International Pictures! 
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