The Theory of Everything (Film Review)

Dec 17, 2014
James Marsh’s ‘The Theory of Everything’ pits Stephen Hawking in a story we may not be familiar of. The love story between Stephen and Jane Hawking is the main focus of the film, while still labeling it as a biopic, depicting his rise to what he’s famous for. It’s more of a performance film than say, your traditional biopic, because the role of Stephen Hawking requires a whole wide range of talent. And as it may seem, Eddie Redmayne nailed it. Nailed every single bit of it, and I [including the real Hawking himself.] thought I was watching this character onscreen and not an actor.
The brilliance behind Redmayne’s performance is that there’s too much of a demand that is needed to portray such role—with the most part sees him playing with Hawking’s motor neuron disease actions. The best bit of the movie is when he [Stephen Hawking] learned he will never be able to speak again; Redmayne shines here and did a phenomenal job crafting emotions with only eye movements—a sure-fire lock for the Best Actor nomination in every Award show. Another stand-out is Felicity Jones, playing Jane Hawking in the movie.
The chemistry between Redmayne and Jones was terrific. And part of what made this bond so affecting is that the movie never even blinks and went straight-forward with the Hawkings’ first encounter at the party. Right from the start, we got to become attached to them, that when instances occur of choices that might ruin their relationship, you start to feel to them, and wonders the effect of those actions would be.
There would be a lot of criticisms that will surround on its lack of approach unto Hawking’s venture in science because of its focus on the love story. Doesn’t really matter since this is a well-directed movie that got the right emotions to boot, and one of the best performances this year.

The geek rates it 8/10!
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