Tak3n (Film Review)

Jan 14, 2015
The final installment to the ‘Taken’ franchise is upon us, and I really hope this will be the last outing for this series, because you know what? I don’t freaking care about these movies anymore. ‘Tak3n’, or ‘Taken 3’ really has no abduction that happened whatsoever, so what’s the point of calling it as such? But, I have to give props for the team for making this slightly better than the last one. (Maggie Grace throwing grenades off a roof, anyone?) 

It’s less silly, which is a good thing since they’re going back to the grounded tone of the first movie. (Not only that third act, though.) Liam Neeson returns as Brian Mills, the only saving grace of the franchise, still a bad-ass nonetheless. He is joined in by Forrest Whitaker, playing the “stereotypical-rub-chinning-movie-detective”, whose sole purpose is to eat Neeson’s freshly bought Bagels. Maggie Grace also reprises her role as Neeson’s daughter in the movie, still mounting her way to get better at acting, which she still doesn't get here.
The story is distant from the last two outings, yet copied the premise of ‘The Fugitive’--where a man was suspected for killing his wife which he doesn’t do at all. In 'Taken 3', in order to prove he isn't liable for a crime, he commit bigger crimes like murder and blowing a lot of stuff up. I have to be frank with you, I didn't really like this film at all. I almost fell in sleep watching it, it’s dull. But what do you expect, it’s January. 

And the action scenes were stupid. The filmmakers were lazy enough to hide their set pieces with quick cuts and shaking it , which is getting on my nerves actually. (Who really wants their heads dizzy while watching a movie??)

I really hate ‘Tak3n’, and I don’t wanna get in-depth on this. I’ll give it a 3/10. Skip this movie for goodness sake, and save your money for ‘American Sniper’ next week.
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