The Imitation Game (Film Review)

Feb 7, 2015
'The Imitation Game' is a profound and incredibly powerful film that resonates with you after watching it. The film is about the unsung hero Alan Turing who is reliable to the computers we have today, and winning the war with his device that can crackle Nazi codes through the WWII. You could Hollywood-ize Alan Turing onscreen by making him a super-frenzy nerd who only cares for his intellectual capability in the movie, but fortunately we didn't get that much here.

It deals with Turing imitating of someone he's not. The title of the movie is aptly placed since Alan Turing pretended to be a worker at a radio workshop but it turns out he's making a computer that deciphers codes of the opponents. At the same time, he's a gay and tries to impersonate as a heterosexual in a time where homosexuality is prohibited.
Benedict Cumberbatch was impressive in his turn as Turing, laying off more of his dramatic chops as opposed to his sarcastic character in 'Sherlock'. It may not be his best performance, but his complex persona is the main highlight of the movie. Same goes to Matthew Goode and Keira Knightley (who recently landed a Best Supporting Actress nom for his film), who were also fantastic here.
The film could work better if they focus more of Turing's gay side. Sure, we got few moments here, but it wasn't fully realized until the film's final scene where emotions broke down. If the filmmakers play with that a little more, then the movie could be more affecting and better. Other than that, the film is really well-made, nicely paced and features terrific performance by the entire cast.

The geek rates it 9/10.

'The Imitation Game' is now showing in selected theaters nationwide!
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