TOP 5: Easter Eggs on 'Better Call Saul'!

Feb 21, 2015
Fans of 'Breaking Bad' come in dissecting every single frame of its newly released spin-off 'Better Call Saul' for easter eggs. It is inevitable, considering showrunners Vince Gilligan and the crew are known for sneaking in references and callbacks for future episodes in 'Breaking Bad'. Having said that, it's not an actual surprise to see few of those for 'Better Call Saul'. The show stars Bob Odenkirk reprising his B.B. role as Saul Goodman, and focuses the character's dark times when he was just a guy named Jimmy McGill before he became the sleazy attorney we already knew of him.

I listed 5 of the best Easter eggs of the show, and reminder this is just for the first three episodes. SPOILERS of course.

5. Jimmy's Address Sounds Familiar..
Yep, Juan Tabo Blvd. The same road as Walter White's ex-lab partner Gale Boetticher lived... and died. 

4. A Nod To Heisenberg
The same Heisenberg jacket and hat is seen hanging near the metal detector. It might not be the exact hat and jacket, but i'm sure Vince Gilligan is winking at the audience once this scene started playing..

3. That phone number is real.
Tuco's partner Nacho wrote a phone number on Jimmy's match box. If you call it, it will lead you to Nacho's actual voice mail. Tight!

2. Cinnabon in Omaha
If you didn't recall, Saul once mentioned to Walt that when he disappeared there's a chance he will be a manager of a Cinnabon outlet in Omaha. 
It's a random statement, but it certainly did happen!
1. Nail Salon
On the earlier season of Breaking Bad, Saul suggested to Walt and Skyler that a nail salon will be a great venue for money laundering. As it turns out, little Jimmy once set his earlier lawyer office... in a nail salon. 

Other notable Easter Eggs. (Because I just can't post five of these...)

Breaking metal. What's the fuzz about inanimate metal objects to take out frustrations..

The Moustache of Sorrow in a Pilot Episode.
The red key fob
and lastly..

The future car.
Saul coincidentally (intentionally?) parked right next Cadillac DeVille, which in fact is the same model he is driving in Breaking Bad.

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