Mad Max: Fury Road - Movie Review

May 12, 2015

As the trailers promised, George Miller's newest entry to his 'Mad Max' franchise, 'Mad Max: Fury Road' offers nothing but mayhem and frenzy stunts. It's a movie that was pushed back many times already with its troubled production. It's here anyways, a classic film waiting to be unveiled. And oh boy, was it worth the wait: 'Mad Max: Fury Road' not only delivers crazy fun summer blockbuster, but one of the best action film I have seen in a few years. 

And i'm not exaggerating on that note. This movie is really, really good. Part of what made it so memorable is its simplicity. If there's a way to describe the movie's plot, well it's basically one, long chase sequence with occasional dramatic pauses. Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy) found himself paired with Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) on a loose to go to a place of hope they call "green place" where food and soil can be found. Along with them are the "five wives" of Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne), who are also after Furiosa to reclaim what is his.

The casting of Tom Hardy as Max was a very inspired choice. But I wouldn't say so years ago, before he gain his A-list status and showcasing his acting range in different films (Miller casts Hardy in 2011 when pre-production took place). Hardy obviously has the acting chops and the charisma that makes this portrayal effective. He's not really channeling Mel Gibson (Max in the old 'Mad Max' movies) neither going in his own spin. With minimal dialogue on his character and putting on a mask for a few minutes, the actor makes use of eye movements to convey emotions (he masters this after playing Bane 'The Dark Knight Rises') and twitches. Charlize Theron outshine Hardy on all levels, and was given a very strong role as Imperator Furiosa. She is a prisoner fighting for liberation and a new beginning, and Theron nails this character perfectly by fueling the film with an emotionally-packed performance.

Director George Miller dismisses the problem we have with action movies nowadays. Filmmakers' frequent go-to use of computer effects and shaky cams are two things this movie avoided as possible. What's incredible about the action sequences you'll see in this movie is that it's mostly practical effects, filled with death-defying stunts that is so hard to accomplish. There's so much happening on one frame that you can't help but to sit back in and count out the different activities of the stunts doing: whether it's a dozen of men transferring from one vehicle to another with the use of long pole sticks, the V8's crashing a war rig on both sides, or the ridiculous-yet-amazing guitar player performing in the middle of the chase, blowing flames out of the guitar hole. With all these stuff happening, it never actually got into the point of being exhausting. In fact, I wish there's more to it. 

'Mad Max: Fury Road' sets the bar way up high for future action movies, fueled by strong performance by Theron and Hardy and incredible action sequences. It's too early but i'm calling it now, this is one of the greatest action films of all time next to 'Die Hard' and 'The Matrix'. It's that good. 

See the film this May 14 when it comes out in cinemas nationwide. You will not regret it. Trust me on this. Watch it on the loudest sound system in a theater if you can. The film is from Warner Bros. Pictures and is rated R-16 by the MTRCB.

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