Catch up on Every Episodes of 'Entourage' Before You Watch the Movie!

Jun 15, 2015
Haven't caught it up with 'Entourage' the series? Worry no more.
Youtuber The Man of Recaps bravely narrates every single events (yep. each. one.of.them) of 8 seasons of 'Entourage' on one video to prepare you for the movie that is coming out this week. For someone who binge-watch all glorious episodes (okay... let's face it, Season 7 to end is a bit terrible.) of the HBO show recently, this is a great refresher to fill that juice in so you'll be loud and proud catching those easter eggs while watching the feature film. 

Hit the jump below to watch this epic recap. 'Entourage' opens this Wednesday, June 17 from Warner Bros. Pictures!

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