Entourage - Movie Review

Jun 17, 2015
Well Entourage fans, you're long-awaited movie is here. The long-developed, much hyped feature film based on the popular HBO series is now showing with the original cast members coming back because who wouldn't? Consider me as a new fan of this show since I actually watched quite a chunk of episodes just to prep myself for this, and I liked it! 

This movie captured the essence and the fueled energy the original show is most known for with occasional cameos (including ones who came back from the show) that felt excessive at times. It delivers complete service for the fans as well as trying trying to make new ones for the newcomers.
Vince Chase is back on the business, and it's a pretty ballsy decision for him: he is directing his very first feature film with his brother Johnny as he would call it "a small yet pivotal role" under the company of Ari Gold, who is now a studio head though he reluctantly tries to avoid the position in the series since being an agent is his thing. But who cares anyway, it's Ari Gold. But things go awry when the movie goes overbudget and asks Billy Bob Thorton and a grown-up Haley Joel Osment for more money for finishing touches. And all the wacky stuff for Vince and his merry band of entourage ensues.
The movie really went more sillier and sillier as the plot thickens for its characters and it really actually mesh together unfortunately. The funny thing is that the lead character Vince didn't do much at all in this movie, giving way for his mates to the spotlight. E has family matters and girlfriend issues; Johnny got paparazzis over an accident; Turtle tries to win Ronda Rousey; and Ari Gold, well... he still has anger issues and got the best bits of the film as always. Jeremy Piven was always the catch in the show and he kills it as always as Ari. 
It's ironic that the plot is too thick but thin in substance. A lot didn't make any sense, but it's fun nonetheless. The adult humor at times was hilarious and cringe-worthy. The intense moments of Ari Gold was great. 'Entourage' is very watchable and I have a great time with it. To perfectly describe it, it's 3 great episodes of the show compiled.  

The geek rates it 7/10!
'Entourage' is rated R-16 from the MTRCB and now showing in cinemas nationwide from Warner Bros. Pictures!
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