iflix: First Impressions

Jun 17, 2015
The internet TV service website iflix has opened its doors to cater millions of Filipinos to stream quality shows and movies... legally on an affordable price (Read more about it here). I got to try a free trial for this and I was very pleased on my experience. 
iflix seriesI apply for a 14-day free trial at iflix to test if how it will be like. And my golly, all the shows (so far) in their library was really good. You got every single episode of Friends and How I Met Your Mother, cult favorites like Big Bang Theory and U.K. series Sherlock and the original The Office with Ricky Gervais. I was impressed with the wide array of selection in this thing so I opted to watch the show that i'm longing to see: Arrested Development.
I watched the whole first season (it's good, actually) and try Extras and classics like Goodfellas and Annie Hall and CW's Arrow. I got both films on DVD but i'm too lazy to pop them on the player so I just watch here. 
Every single episode of 'Friends' is available for stream here. You hear that right: EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. OF.THEM.
iflix arrow
Oh yes! Olivaaah Queeeen! 
Those who have hearing difficulties will be happy to know that they are also making you the option to choose whether you want subtitles upon watching or not. So no need to buy physical copies of movies to actually have subtitles on your viewing. 
iflix kidsOf course there's iflix Kids, a place dedicated for the children and the children-at-heart (like me!) which I happened to try also with my younger sister. We watched Bananas in Pyajamas and Adventure Time. It's always fun to watch something when it's legal, right?

Filipino subscribers no need to worry about their internet speed since iflix matches its resolution based on your speed so it's a hassle-free viewing experience. And.... it's cheap! For only 129 php a month, you can now watch through thousand of titles as much as you can take. 
iflix philippinesGo ahead and try iflix here. You will not regret it as much as I do! I'm definitely going back again!


iflix is a partnership between highly successful, disruptive local entrepreneurs and Hollywood heavyweights. Catcha Group and Evolution Media Capital have joined together to create an Internet TV service for Southeast Asia that provides access to thousands of hours of top TV shows and movies from all over the world. From Hollywood and Hong Kong, Seoul and Shanghai, Thailand and Tokyo, iflix places the entertainment you want at your fingertips. For one low monthly fee, subscribers to iflix have unlimited access on their mobile phone, laptop, tablet, TV… anywhere, anytime. 

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