Jurassic World - Movie Review

Jun 11, 2015
As soon as Grey (Ty Simpkins) walk through the hotel room of Jurassic World and opened the window, the camera panning in to reveal the remains of the park, with John Williams' classic tune in the background, I knew i'm in for something special. Well, it didn't turned out to be as special as I thought it would be, but a damn fine blockbuster to keep me thrilled and satisfied upon leaving the theater. A new park has been built in Isla Nublar decades after the horrible events in Jurassic Park, it is open for the public just as what John Hammond intended for the first park. Bryce Dallas Howard plays a woman in charge of keeping the animals safe and away from potential threat. Chris Pratt is Owen, a former military man turned Velociraptor-trainer. A highly intelligent dinosaur escapes in his cage, bringing rage and danger to the park, and it is up to them to let this stop from happening. 
This is a great movie, and i'm gonna tell you why. Though it desperately tried to sneak as much as 'Jurassic Park' call-backs here and there, the movie didn't really rely much on it. You can watch this movie having not seen the first three movies and come out enjoying it (but seriously, watch the first two 'Jurassic Park' films for goodness sake). It was also a well-handled thriller, with enough sweaty moments to keep you gripping that soda cup harder. And terrific performances by the cast.
I know a lot of you will not agree me on this, but the two siblings (Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins) and their bond throughout the dinosaur attacks was actually the best bits of the movie. Chris Pratt was fairly good as well here, he definitely has the charisma and bad-assery in him that I thought would be a great fit for that long-speculated Indiana Jones rumors. Bryce Dallas Howard has a very strong character with her, especially since she was wearing heels for the whole freakin' movie. 
The visuals were good, though the CGI was a bit too much and I expect more animatronics use in the dinosaurs like it was said it would have. The action sequences, especially the last 20 minutes was pure geek goodness. A lot of fun.

The big problem with the movie is probably it doesn't have really great character moments and neither a character that turned out to be memorable. Of course we're never gonna get another Alan Grant or Ian Malcolm, but I expected more with the characters in the movie since most of them were likeable. 
All in all, 'Jurassic World' was a gargantuan film that has enough goods to fill you in. With a killer cast and impressive action sequences, this is a sure no-miss.

The geek rates it 8/10!

'Jurassic World' opens today nationwide from United International Pictures.  Also available in 3D, 4DX and IMAX 3D.
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