Terminator 2: Judgement Day - Movie Review

Jun 29, 2015
If there's any movie in the '90s that serves a big influence in the action genre, it has to be 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day'. Sure, you can say it's 'The Matrix', but this film paved the way to a new era of the genre and gone are the days of the over exaggerated blood squibs, enter a more light-hearted tone of its kind. 

The movie follows the same path as its predecessor: wherein 2 terminators are sent back from the future to prevent the existence of John Connor. Connor is a leader of the human resistance in the year 2029 against Skynet, a company that manufactured terminator machines that wipes humanity. Skynet once set one of their terminators back from the past to kill Connor's mother Sarah to prevent him from being made but failed. So they sent another one but this time, it's a more technologically-advanced known as the "T-1000" to kill a 10 year-old Connor on 1991.

However future Connor himself sent a familiar Terminator also to the past to prevent this from happening. And the start of a thrilling cat-and-mouse chase began, and also trying to wipe future threat that could completely destroy the Earth.

24 years since its release, I could not believe how this movie still holds up today and how its action sequences surprisingly looks better still than those that came out today. I always remember the time seeing the chase in the mall as a kid, and being scared after my mom always jokingly tell me about the T-1000 standing in our local mall, waiting for me. It's just one of the memorable bits on the movie, and the movie effectively blends thrill and fun perfectly.
Despite its lengthy running time, there's not one single moment in the film that actually bores me. Even to its slower moments, the film makes up with it with action sequences better than the last. The unpredictability of its plot, and how James Cameron presents intimate and small moments looking enormous is what makes this film works even more. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger's T-800 is definitely the character he was born to play. With his God-given voice and charisma on-screen on his previous works 'Predator', it couldn't come close to how he is perfect as T-800 in this movie. Robert Patrick gives a very cold but terrifying performance as the T-1000. I thought he overpowered Schwarzenegger's performance from the last movie, and my golly what a fantastic runner.
Linda Hamilton gave a ferocious and feisty Sarah Connor in the movie, and you'll know that by the time she flex her muscles in the beginning in the movie. And despite how bad-ass she is in the movie, I loved how the events in the first film affects her psychologically and become her own Kyle Reese. And Edward Furlong was equally good as well as John Connor. His charm and humor really helped the movie light up the bit during its darker moments.

Overall, 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day' is a bombastic, louder sequel that overtops its predecessor on all aspects. With amazing action sequences and emotional character moments, it's arguably the greatest action movie of all time. And proved how sequels can be a great thing after all.

The geek rates it a 10/10.

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