Back to the Future - Movie Review

Jul 9, 2015

Director Robert Zemeckis and Writer Bob Gale undergo a rough road trying to make 'Back to the Future' happen. Last-minute recasts and even getting turned down by a studio for not being "too sexual", I don't think it would end up being the same without those distractions along the production. I don't think we'll never get to see Michael J. Fox in a wolf make-up playing basketball either,... or hoverboards. To know the filmmakers' relentlessness and the nightmares that comes throughout them for the movie was awe-inspiring, just like how it's protagonist Marty McFly making things right to make things right for him in the future.
This film, and it's sequels will be always remembered as an entertaining piece of cinema. The great thing behind it is that it wasn't specifically intended for a set of people, everyone can enjoy it and even grasp the complications of its time travel science. The movie doesn't enter into extreme level with its physics, and just lets you rest on your back and laugh throughout the viewing with wonder. The hilarious bits of the movie involves Marty forcing his father to woo his mom who clearly has the hots for Marty. It's simple comedy and yet it works so well. And just looking how Michael J. Fox effectively plays Marty, and the stress clear on his expressions was comedic gold.
The charm of 'Back to the Future' really doesn't come close to other films of its kind. It holds a big spot in my heart, and I vividly remember being in awe seeing the movie for the first time and playing it on loop on our VHS tape. The charm that we rarely get to see these days, that makes you want to go for another watch without hesitations.
Robert Zemeckis never found his highs after this film and the 2 sequels (or after Forrest Gump, sure). But he and Bob Gale left a mark in cinema that could go through years. But amidst its production issues, the movie ended up perfectly as it could making it one of my all-time favorite movies. The vibrant atmosphere, solid performances, effective humor, charm and Alan Silvestri's magnificent score makes 'Back to the Future' a memorable masterpiece.

The geek rates it 10/10!

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