Learn Your "Jurassic" Dinosaurs With These Facts!

Jul 3, 2015
'Jurassic World' is still showing in theaters, breaking box-office records with a billion under its belt and running. As someone who enjoyed the movie, the dinosaurs are the real scene-stealers in the whole movie. They are either represented as man-eaters or giant creatures with a very soft spot, the movie really give them a character of their own and not as flashy special-effects driven figures. 

But there is one thing I have to be honest with you. I don't know a single damn thing about them. Sure, I know me some T-Rex and Pterodactyls, but never actually dared to know its kind in full detail. Thanks to Bright House, this colorful fact board lists several species of dinosaurs but in a colorful and interactive way.
The best thing about it is it tells you if that dinosaur appeared in which 'Jurassic Park' movie. Like this Bracchiosaurus, who was there in all 4 films. Wow!

With cute illustrations like these, how can I say no.

Visit Bright House's page on 'Jurassic' dinosaurs here.

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