Paper Towns - Movie Review

Jul 21, 2015
nat wolff'Paper Towns': A Review by Kurt Calamaya 

'Paper Towns' might be one of the most fun coming-of-age film I have seen all year, with its relatable humor and references, it has those great elements for such way of telling an adventure story, but what really stands on this movie are the messages that it tries to tell to us. It's the second movie that was adapted from John Green's best-selling novels, the first one being 'The Fault In Our Stars' (Directed by Josh Boone) is the best example of a great execution of book-to-movie adaptations yet 'Paper Towns' stands in a very different way, it successfully tries to avoid some clich√©s away from a usual romantic coming-of-age flicks, it doesn't try to pretend at all moments that it has.
nat wolff
It was directed by Jake Schreier who was known for his unique work in Robot and Frank (2012), It's about Quentin "Q" Jacobsen (Nat Wolff) who adores his childhood bestfriend Margo Roth (Cara Delevinge) who sooner drifted out but the feelings of Q to her stays. After a long years finally Margo and Q are together. Margo decided to borrow Q's car and eventually inviting him to do a revenge plot to Margo's Ex-Boyfriend and to those people she believe that betrays her. Yet the night after that Margo's gone yet she left a clue, It's now Q's mission to find her, going into a fun adventure with his friends while also trying to make their way not skipping Prom before they get out of High school. With it, it will test their friendship and trust to each others.
nat wolff cara delevignefThe movie was hilariously fun. It doesn't have any bland moments. It's a very energetic movie thanks to great performances of the actors, simple yet adorable. Specially Austin Abrams who is so hilarious in this movie. He really does a good job depicting his character who always just wants to pee through their whole adventure. The fun of moments of their friendship that was shown on the film really did help to also build up serious moments, because when it sad it was really sad, and every time it accomplished something it felt like we did to. It's the characters' diversity which really help to build the things up on this movie.

There was enough tools to make this characters worth rooting for specially to Nat Wolff who plays Q and the main character. He is likable one we surely some of us can relate to this guy. Despite of the movies pretty deep thoughts about friendship and acceptance, it still manage to be simple and be enjoyed, it's not exhausting in fact it so fun that it become relaxing at the same time. You will really like the characters and Cara Delevinge perfectly delivers the depiction of her character.

The fantastic choices of songs on the movie also help to balance the emotion throughout. It really build up some emotions that was going on to every moments. And at the end, entirety of the movie fits very well to what it tries to build up from the beginning, it answers the puzzle just right,  it might be sad at some moments when we realize it but it simply clarifies that we better know the reason and accept it even though we gone into a very long road just to see those answers.

The geek rates it 9/10!

'Paper Towns' opens July 22, 2015 from 20th Century Fox!
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