Inside Out Directors Dishes Out on Possible Pixar-Shared Universe

Aug 9, 2015
inside out easter eggsDirectors Pete Docter and Ronnie Del Carmen answers the popular question of whether or not all Pixar films are connected in the same universe ala the Marvel movies in the press conference of 'Inside Out' last August 7, 2015.

Based on the fantastic theory by Jon Negroni, it basically connects the possibility of the Pixar movies from A Bug's Life to Toy Story exists on the same timeline, and how it enables the logic of a character in one movie from another.
"This is gonna be a controversial answer. I don't know. For me, that kind of breaks my brain, to think that they – I think of them as very different universes and that they don't cross over. You know, I don't think of The Incredibles being able to walk down the street and bump into Carl Fredricksen," Pete Docter said. 
"We don't believe that they are, especially when we make them, we don't think that do, except we have these easter eggs that translate over all these movies so it's contradictory when we say that, too," Ronnie Del Carmen continues. 
"So it's not one of those things that we actually have had a company meeting about. John's [Lasseter] not gonna sit there, 'I wanna make sure that all our movies are connected. Don't pitch me a movie that isn't connected to things.' No, that's not the way it goes. It's just, we make stuff that is important to each director and then we have fun with it. That's all it is. But if you wanna imagine that they're connected i don't wanna stop you." Docter finishes.
 The filmmakers neither confirm and deny the existence of one Pixar Shared Universe (can be dubbed as the PSU hehe), and obviously we will not see a Toy Story - Up crossover or a Wall-E - Ratatouille duel some time in the future but I always stand on the idea of them living in a gigantic timeline.

'Inside Out' opens August 19 from Walt Disney Pictures!

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