Inside Out - Movie Review

Aug 12, 2015
inside out philippinesUpon entering the theater for 'Inside Out', I always wonder if Pixar could pull off such complicated premise. Imagine, most of the movie deals with what's happening inside someone's mind, with five different emotions personified as actual characters who controls a girl's decision whether to smile or be angry through his life. Will kids (and adults) able to buy it? Well, those concerns were erased when the lights opened again while the end credits started rolling, and I glanced to my back where most of the grown-up males (i'm not joking here) has tears swelling up their eyes.

The Pixar trademark of having the melancholy of the narrative has been so expected for them, but what they did here is what shocked me.
This movie was very deep, way better than what expect of this. The trailers presented it as a kids adventure story, and though we got that, it occasionally shifts to aspects where you, as an adult, started to lean back on your seat and reflect on past memories. Memories that include growing up, being depressed as a kid, getting in argument with your parents, all of it was HEAVILY featured here, and as the movie says it, "very normal".
inside out philippinesThe fact that the two emotions Joy and Sadness wasn't on control on the child's mind was an intentional thing the filmmakers expressed themselves as part of growing up. And also, if there's something about it that the movie taught me, it's the fact that it's very cool to be sad, and not too cool to be happy all the time.
inside out philippinesThe movie's final act was an emotional torture. To see everything wrapping up as expected, and hangs on for a while to unleash its final blow to an extent where you didn't see it coming is probably the main highlight of the movie (3 weeks since I watched the movie and i'm still thinking about that "rocket ship" scene til now.) The comedy was an added bonus for the kids, with Lewis Black's Anger stealing most of the scenes. He was so perfect for that character, right?

Directors Pete Docter and Ronnie Del Carmen not only did a movie that will enlight the hearts of the children, but for the adults as well. 'Inside Out' was a nearly flawless movie that resonates the feels of being a kid, as an adult and as a parent.
inside out philippines
The geek rates it 9/10!

Please see the movie when it comes out this August 19, and bring along a tissue roll with you. The older you are, the longer.

'Inside Out' was rated G by the MTRCB and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures!

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