Me and Earl and the Dying Girl - Movie Review

Sep 24, 2015
me and earl and the dying girl reviewIf not for the "Dying Girl", I don't think 'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl' would make a really interesting movie overall. The "Me" and "Earl" part, though the writers gave them credits as parody filmmakers, wasn't that appealing at all, and very unlikable unfortunately.

But interesting enough, I'll give props to these filmmakers as their home-made parody movies of classics were spoofed in which the montage of these were the best part of the movie (I would totally pay for A Sockwork Orange). The actors, Thomas Mann and RJ Cyler, did decent performances here, I really just hope the writer go the other way and make these characters at least redeemable in this dour movie. 
me and earl and the dying girl reviewRising star Olivia Cooke plays the dying girl Rachel was a stand-out here, whose limited screen presence leave the most impact in the whole film. Rachel is the emotional center of the whole story, and Cooke nailed it out of the park with her moving yet charming appearance. The actress will soon be seen in a few big releases, including Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One.
With the filmmaking aspect and the whole, the movie amazingly gives trademarks to some of the directors' the characters made a spoof movie out of with noticeable camera movements and angle represent each and one of them. 

Another thing to like about the movie is the sense of connection the narrator has with his audience. Though his character on the actual story is again bit of a disappointment, his repeated "this is not gonna happen" statements so the audience can immediately dismiss their expectations was actually a nice aspect of this movie.

Poor characterization on its key characters and a killer presence (no pun intended) in Olivia Cooke makes 'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl' a disappointingly hollow movie for the most part. I really wanted to like this, but the "Me" and "Earl" characters just pushes me. 

The geek rates it 5/10!

'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl' is now showing from 20th Century Fox!
me and earl and the dying girl review

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