The Walk - Movie Review

Oct 9, 2015
the walk imax review'The Walk' is the second big-screen treatment of Philippe Petit's wire-walking stunt at the two towers of the World Trade Center and while doing the exact same thing as what James Marsh did on his Oscar-winning documentary 'Man on Wire' (the first film to showcase Petit), it retains the thrill and fast-paced approach of what the documentary did but lacks of the awe and wonder it could've had.

Robert Zemeckis offers his eye to the camera and shot this movie the most beautiful way he can. The visuals and the scenery of '70s New York really felt like '70s New York. The backdrop for the location of old-France and the World Trade Center was also impressive, although the filmmakers refuse to make a character out of the latter, which only left a mark of at the last minute. It's not actually a "love letter to the World Trade Center" the marketing has promised, and the tower ended up becoming a bland structure Petit struck a wire on and walked. Pretty disappointing considering the things the filmmakers can make out of it.
the walk imax reviewPerformance-wise, Joseph Gordon-Levitt did what he can do best. His French accent is very convincing, and captured the liveliness of the actual Petit. There's a scene (a lot of it actually) with Gordon-Levitt in character as Philippe Petit talking in front of the camera and narrates the story. The camera then pan out and turned out he was standing on top of the Statue of Liberty. That bit was the most jarring moment(s) of the entire thing, and didn't even work in the first place. I understand they want to establish a connection with the character and the audience, but can a simple narration do it?
The actual walking on two towers scene was utterly breathtaking. I saw the movie in IMAX 3D, and watching it in that format is the definitive way to see it. Not only does the movie is a visual wonder and all, the walking scene took advantage of the big screen and it resulted to one of the most vertigo-inducing, arm-chair gripping experience I've had.
the walk imax review'The Walk' starts rough, but had a rewarding finish with its fantastically-conceived climax. The movie, although lacks of the wonder it could've had, it is thrilling enough to make you jack up for the entire ride.

The geek rates it 7/10!

'The Walk' will be shown this Wednesday, October 14 locally distributed by Columbia Pictures Philippines. Also available in IMAX 3D!

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