Marvel's Jessica Jones: AKA Crush Syndrome - Episode 2 Review

Nov 28, 2015
jessica jones aka crush syndrome review
This is part two of our 'Jessica Jones' show where we review every episode currently streaming in Netflix, because the Purple Man says so. Click here to check reviews of other episodes.

After the gruesome cliffhanger of episode 1, “AKA Crush Syndrome” clarifies and promises that the showrunners are not actually kidding around to bring the worst scenarios possible on-screen, and it appears that Hope killing her parents is just the tip of the iceberg. Here we get to see who’s the purple suit-wearing man whispering Jessica by the name of Kilgrave. 
jessica jones aka crush syndrome review

Kilgrave, played by David Tennant might be the scariest villain the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to offer, with his desperation and obsession over people makes the character more terrifying. In a brief moment in the episode, we follow Kilgrave as he is manipulating an entire family, locking the children inside the cabinet while he is fulfilling his pleasure with the parents. We still don’t know what his intentions are, including of Jessica and why he is still stalking her.
jessica jones aka crush syndrome review
What is clear as of now is that Jessica has something to do with Kilgrave’s death, as seen in the truck driver who has been paralyzed after a vehicular accident with him. Trish, Jessica’s best friend appears to look like she is involved with the murder also. 
jessica jones aka crush syndrome review
Luke Cage made a surprise here and shows what he’s actually capable and made of. And at the end of the episode, he reveals to Jessica how much his skin would take. Telling her that she isn’t the only one here who has special gifts. 
jessica jones aka crush syndrome review
The geek rates it 7.5/10!

jessica jones aka crush syndrome review

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