SPECTRE - Movie Review

Nov 8, 2015
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What 'Skyfall' and the other installments of the Daniel Craig Bond era brought us is a grounded and a more realistic take on the character of James Bond. In a time where everything has to be dark and broody, these past few Bond films (minus Quantum of Solace) works on that tone being established. And one might expect going into 'SPECTRE' expecting the same kind of mood, and although the movie has bits of it, it simply ignores a lot of it and settles for the classic James Bond tropes in the early films.
But the lay-back approach of it at times didn't work. The film tries to be goofy while immediately tries to be dark after, it is bit of an off for me. But the goofiness can be a form for nostalgia sometimes, and there's so much enjoyment in pointing out the Bond references (and boy, there's a couple of them) here.

In a technical level, 'SPECTRE' pulled it off flawlessly. Sam Mendes returns as the director with a cast that includes Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes and Christoph Waltz as the antagonist. It's powerhouse talent right here, and one will have no problem with their work here.
columbia pictures philippines
Daniel Craig is great as always as 007, and he clearly looks like he's having a lot of fun and more comfortable playing this character. Christoph Waltz is obviously great. He played villain Oberhauser in a mysterious sense that even at the end, we still didn't know how what he is fully capable of. Mostly because the writers shamefully underutilized him, and use him for shockingly 3 scenes only. It's disappointing since the introduction of Oberhauser promises a giant threat for Bond, and the threat simply came through speeches which isn't persuading enough.

The action sequences were impressive as well. The movie featured a terrific train sequence which stands-out, and a knock-out fistfight with Dave Bautista and Daniel Craig.
columbia pictures philippines
There is also a subplot here for Andrew Scott's character C about an organization planning to terrorize every single communication of every person which really drags the movie down. The entire third act also didn't leave an impression because it both try to deal with Oberhauser and C which became uninteresting by that time.
columbia pictures philippines
But I had fun with 'SPECTRE' for sure with its action sequences and the technical aspect of it. Although not nearly as good as I expected of it, it's not nearly as bad as I don't want it to be also.

The geek rates it 7.5/10!
columbia pictures philippines
'SPECTRE' is now showing in cinemas nationwide from Columbia Pictures Philippines!

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