GUIDE: MMFF New Wave 2015

Dec 5, 2015
mmff new wave 2015
On their 6th year, the New Wave Section of the Metro Manila Film Festival caters 5 new exciting feature films to continue their thriving platform in promoting independent and student filmmakers nationwide.  

The festival will be screening this December 17-24 on SM Megamall (Cinema 1 and 5), Glorietta 4 (Cinema 4), and Robinsons Movieworld Manila (Cinema 1 and 3). Tickets will be sold P120 each.

Feature films in competition are as follows:

john paul su
PRODUCER: Toto SCM Production and Central Digital Lab
DIRECTOR: John Paul Su
STARRING: Sid Lucero, Bembol Roco, Neil Ryan Sese, Mara Lopez, Liza Diño, Bibeth Orteza, Blake Boyd

SYNOPSIS: Antonio “Toto” Estares comes from Tacloban, Philippines, a place ravaged by Typhoon Yolanda. His mother has cancer. He works at a hotel in Manila and tries every which way to get to the U.S. so he can support his family – which he’s been doing since his father died and left them penniless. His father had made it to Las Vegas to become a staged act and promise to petition his family, but he ended up as a dishwasher who drank and gambled away everything. The only thing Toto inherited from his father is the obsession of the dream, which he has forged into his own, and is intent on fulfilling it, because it was also once his mother’s hope.

arlyn dela cruz mandirigma

PRODUCER: Blank Pages Productions 

DIRECTOR: Arlyn dela Cruz 

STARRING: Luis Alandy, Ping Medina, Alwyn Uytingco, Marc Solis, Victor Basa, Buboy Villar, Mon Confiado, Sheena McBride 

SYNOPSIS: It was an ordinary day in the frontlines of conflict areas in Muslim Mindanao. Lt. Arlan Salcedo, Platoon commander of one of the battalions in the Phil.Marines was looking forward to spending a few days of rest and recreation with his family in time for the birthday of his only daughter.  But one seemingly innocent mission in the field would change all the plans not just abruptly but permanently.  In broad daylight, an armed group lead by Malaysian-Terrorist Hamda Marawan ambushed Salcedo’s Platoon and wiped out almost everyone. And the officers and the men who were left behind find themselves in the frontlines once again, faced with another battle. Mandirigma is a story of love, family and quest for peace in the midst of an internal war that has claimed the lives of many. 

Carlo Encisco Catu
PRODUCER: Holy Angel University 

DIRECTOR: Carlo Encisco Catu

STARRING: Ronwaldo Martin, Francisco Guinto, Cecile Yumul, Chloe Carpio, Eufrocina Pena, Jonalyn Ablong 
SYNOPSIS: 25 years after a volcanic eruption devastated their province and nearly wiped out their cultural heritage, young 
Kapampangans find themselves unable and unwilling to speak their own language. One boy, Jaypee ventures into the ash-covered countryside where he encounters the guardian of their vanishing language, Conrado Guinto, the crowned king of Kapampangan poets. 
Ray An Dulay
PRODUCER: Hand Held Entertainment Production 

DIRECTOR: Ray An Dulay 

STARRING: Aj Dee, Enchong Dee, Janna Dominguez, Mosang, Paolo Paraiso, Marife Necesito  
SYNOPSIS: A family who went through hardship in life due to lack of proper education in the part of the loving father, Maryo. He tried to support his family through whatever measn he can think of. His son Nilo tried to help him in his own little way. Knowing the limitations of his father, Nilo tried to teach his father how to read, write and count in order for his father not be ridiculed by people, knowing that only proper education  can save them from poverty.

King Palisoc
PRODUCER: Quantum Films, Inc. 

DIRECTOR: King Palisoc 

STARRING: JM De Guzman, Nico Antonio, Rochelle Pangilinan, Elora Españo 
SYNOPSIS: In Metro Manila, 2 brothers use the chaos of the city roads as a smokescreen for their shady occupation – tandem robbers on motorbike. But when a robbery goes sour, the brothers are forced to graduate from low level thieves to high profile hitmen in an act that tests both their resolve and their relationship.

Aside from feature films, this edition of New Wave will also have 2 categories (up for competition) – the short and animation films, presented by HOOQ.

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