Jessica Jones: Episode 5 and 6 Review

Dec 13, 2015
jessica jones episode 5 and 6 review

This is part four of our 'Jessica Jones' show where we review every episode currently streaming in Netflix, because the Purple Man says so. Click here  to check reviews of other episodes.

"AKA The Sandwich Saved Me" presents the show's first flashback of Jessica pre-Kilgrave. She is working in an office, and the small desks doesn't really do enough for her, deciding to resign and focus for other things. Her bestfriend Trish knew what she is capable of, and forces her to do superhero work ala The Avengers with all the cape and stuff. This is a nice nod to the Alias comic-book where Jessica became the life-saving superhero Jewel. The show, this episode so far, didn't reveal if the superhero stint actually occurred. I don't really see Jessica digging the smiles and spandex in his past with her behavior. 

jessica jones episode 5 and 6 review

Am I the only one who's not buying that Officer Simpson-Trish Walker relationship? Sure, they are both good-looking, but c'mon the guy tried to kill her recently, and they literally "do" it a few days after. Anyways, Simpson is now helping Jessica do investigative work on Kilgrave and in one of my favorite moment of this episode, they captured him on a cafe. But that's not stopping Kilgrave's men as they retrieved him back. Did Kilgrave already knew he was about to be captured? One of the people confessed that they were only assigned for money, and not really being Kilgrave-d during the kidnap. 

jessica jones episode 5 and 6 review

I love the fact that Jessica became Kilgrave's official photographer of herself in replace of Malcolm. There's a schedule in between taking self photos, as seen in "AKA You're a Winner", and you can see the look on Jessica the tension of being unable to send it on-time. 

jessica jones episode 5 and 6 review

Forget the photos, Kilgrave's obsession with Jessica expands as he bought a resident home which happened to be Jessica's house during her childhood. Why do he need it? We don't know at the moment.

jessica jones episode 5 and 6 review

Luke and Jessica joined forces to find a certain Antoine Grier, who in replace of his rescue on the loan shark guys is the secret behind her wife Riva's death. This is why Jessica tried to delay this investigation because she is unsure if Luke will accept her when he knew about what really happened and who really killed her. In the end, just before Luke is set to kill the alleged killer (and boy, Luke is freakin' sick in this scene). Jessica stops it and confesses that she is the real killer, and that Kilgrave wanted her to do it. What's the connection between Kilgrave and Riva? Again, we don't know yet.

The geek rates Episode 5 an 8/10 and Episode 6 an 9/10!

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