Jessica Jones: Episodes 7, 8 and 9 Review

Dec 26, 2015
jessica jones philippines review

This is part five of our 'Jessica Jones' show where we review every episode currently streaming in Netflix, because the Purple Man says so. Click here  to check reviews of other episodes.

Kilgrave (David Tennant) is slowly turning into one of Marvel’s best villains yet since Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk. Episodes 7 to 9 gave us both the strongest and weakest of this character so far. Getting his parents stab themselves already creates a huge satisfaction to himself, but we know the chaos he can create after his escape from the noise-proof storage room. 

The showrunners managed to let the audience know of the villain without going for the flashbacks like the studios did for “Daredevil”. Despite focusing mostly on Jessica’s perspective, the whole “AKA WWJD” and “AKA Sin Bin” episodes are really about Kilgrave, or Kevin. This is someone who was wrecked psychologically, emotionally and physically by his parents. Someone who “mind-controlled” his way to hunger and abandonment. He saw something in Jessica no other people would give him: pleasure. Under Jessica’s command in “AKA WWJD”, we see Jessica dominating over Kilgrave and from this very bit she can change her, even if the chances are of the slightest. 

jessica jones philippines review

Following a bomb attack, Sergeant Simpson is hospitalized repeatedly calling the name “Dr. Kozlov”. I don’t have an idea of this Kozlov but for sure he has a secret relation to Simpson in the past, but we don’t know yet. Simpson is getting a bigger character here, and I’m holding my back that there might be a future transformation with him. What are those pills for? Possibly it’s just plain meds but who knows it might’ve been for something.

jessica jones philippines review

No Luke Cage for this three past episodes, but extending the picture here is Riva. Riva turned out to have the USB of Kilgrave’s childhood lab documentation. But why did she have it in the first place. We all knew Luke was experimented in his past, so can this link to Riva possessing the sole evidence of Kilgrave, along with other children, being experimented? Hmmm…

jessica jones philippines review

At the end of “AKA Sin Bin”, the big reveal is that Jessica is no longer out of Kilgrave’s control. Is this intentional? We absolutely don’t know as of now. But I assume it connects to damaging Jessica even more, by controlling other people instead of her especially after the laboratory hostage. 

The geek rates Episode 7 an 8/10, Episode 8 an 8.5/10 and Episode 9 an 9/10!

jessica jones philippines review

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