The 10 Best Films of 2015

Jan 5, 2016
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2015 has been a much quieter year than we expect. But from the biggest disappointments (Fantastic Four), there are notable surprises that occurred (Jurassic World box-office domination, Heneral Luna and MMFF controversy trends). This is the year when a lot of classic 70s to 90s films got their own (un) expected reboots ( Star Wars, Terminator, Jurassic Park, Point Break, etc.), and also when Joss Whedon dethroned his crown as the nerd king to JJ Abrams. Still, it's a solid year for films but then again, not as much strong than we ought it to be.

Here are the 10 films I considered to be the best entries of 2015:

10) The Hateful Eight

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This movie is already dividing a lot of people. Given its lengthy run-time, there's no denying the energy director Quentin Tarantino manages to jack the wits out of his viewers through his dialogue. A fantastic cast led by Samuel L. Jackson unsurprisingly delivered, but it's Jennifer Jason Leigh that effortlessly wipes everyone with her fierce performance. It's two-in-a-row great Westerns for Tarantino, and I can't wait to see another one soon.

9) Steve Jobs

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I really wanted to like this movie more, but the upbeat ending is forcing me to not do so. Danny Boyle's 'Steve Jobs' is a fascinating character study of a man who had his share of guilt and anger issues. With writer Aaron Sorkin penning the screenplay, expect nothing but in-your-face, hard-hitting dialogue that takes advantage of its unconventional three-scene structure. Despite having no resemblance with Jobs, Michael Fassbender was able to convince everyone with a committed-yet-flawed transformation as the Apple co-founder.

8) Marvel’s Ant-Man

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'Ant-Man' is a heck of a refresher from the onslaught of comic-book movie releases lately. This is a movie that is a heist movie at its core, but a comedy for the most part. It dissed a lot of big explosive superhero tropes by settling in for a more quieter environment to have a climactic battle with: a kid's bedroom. Despite being low-key, 'Ant-Man' hits it pretty big!

7) Honor Thy Father

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This Erik Matti-directed film is inarguably the most controversial Filipino movie of 2015, and its bound to be one. For a story of a man who undergoes life's biggest atrocities in order to save the lives of his family, this one did it well because the pacing is so relaxed yet you felt a sense of unusual and terror going on. The haunting environment Matti and the crew made here was impressive, especially John Lloyd Cruz who gave his most mature performance in his career.

6) Mad Max: Fury Road

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Never underestimate director George Miller's age (70) when announced he is making another action movie. His old Mad Max movies are classics on their own, but Fury Road flawlessly beats every single one of them. This orchestra-ic explosion-heavy rock concert has some of the best car chases this eyes has laid upon in years. Despite being story-thin, there's no denying the influence it will have on action filmmaking in terms of practicality and stunt work.

5) Inside Out

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If an imaginary playmate made you cry like a baby in theaters, then you know that movie is something. 'Inside Out' is probably the most complex Pixar has done by animating a set of emotions inside the human mind. But its complexity echoes in everyone's childhood, and it's already special on that note.

4) The Revenant

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Alejandro González Iñárritu’s follow-up to my favorite film of 2014 ‘Birdman’ is a testament why he is one of the best filmmakers of this generation. The technicality of this movie alone was literally breathtaking, with the director's signature long takes and a terrific "man vs nature" and "man vs man" story to boot. Leonardo DiCaprio was phenomenal here, and this may be his best shot to win that Oscar.

3) Kingsman: The Secret Service

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I can’t fully express how much fun I had in this movie. ‘Kingsman’ is a straight-out pop-corn movie, and its self-awareness just made it even more enjoyable to watch. This is a movie that's only intention is to make you to have fun throughout, topped with some of the greatest Church scene I have seen in years.

2) Spotlight

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Spotlight’ not only have the best cast ensemble of the year, it tells the Church scandal investigation story in a way that doesn’t feel too standard. Sure enough, the film undergoes procedural routes, but Director Todd McCarthy punches a captivating screenplay (written by him alongside Josh Singer) in its truest form that doesn’t feel dull. This is an honest and fearless docudrama that will likely make you question your trust in everyone. 

1) Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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It’s almost impossible to not like this movie. Did it have flaws? Of course. But it doesn’t really matter if you’re having a fantastic time with this. ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ is everything I want for a ‘Star Wars’ movie to be. It's a movie that doesn't lose its energy and thrill, even on repeat viewings. From its opening crawl alone, I was instantly mesmerized knowing this is going to be great. And turned out, it actually is. I say, BRING ON EPISODE VIII!

Here are the films on Honorable Mentions or the ones that didn't make it on the list (and I struggled not putting it since I enjoyed them quite enough):

The Martian

The Big Short



Straight Outta Compton

Heneral Luna


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