Deadpool - Movie Review

Feb 17, 2016
deadpool imax review 20th century fox philippines

'Deadpool' is itself a story of redemption on and off-cam. The titular character, played by Ryan Reynolds (twice) was once featured in 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' only to be received with bad feedback by viewers. Much of the criticism of the portrayal was of how completely distant it was from his comic-book roots, as his blabber-mouth attitude was replaced by having him zipped his mouth in the film's third act. Reynolds was given the same reception also, with back-to-back failed superhero outings (Green Lantern) validating his unfriendly presence in the comic-book movie lore.

But this new incarnation of 'Deadpool' might be Reynolds' most personal movie, as he occasionally tries to took a dump of his past misses as well as complimenting his hunky presence. It's a movie that he has been longing to be made for more than a decade, convincing 20th Century Fox to greenlight the project with an impressive test footage (in which he was also a part of) that took the internet by storm.

deadpool imax review 20th century fox philippines

'Deadpool' was a fearless comic-book movie. The level of irreverence here is pretty darn high, as established by its opening credits, wherein cast and crew members presents themselves with stereotype names than their real ones. Its obscenity doesn't even come to the jokes, but the violence which works for this character. 

Reynolds being a fan of the source material really helps in embracing the role in his performance. He embodies Deadpool/ Wade Wilson. In fact, you can argue that they have the same wise-cracking attitude. Joining him in the cast are TJ Miller, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein, and Gina Carano who contributes a fair share of excitement and humor in the movie.

deadpool imax review 20th century fox philippines

Despite being the action movie we know it will be, 'Deadpool' at its core is a love story--which makes the Valentine's Day release date more sense. This is the part where the movie could've flunked up easily, and thankfully and surprisingly I enjoyed this bit more than I expected. Morena Baccarin, the love interest, have some pretty good chemistry with Reynolds. Their scenes together doesn't come off cheesy, even when the movie tries to go to that level. 

deadpool imax review 20th century fox philippines

Deadpool frequently breaks the fourth wall, throwing as many meta-humor as he can. He is already likeable on this note, but wait until he goes deeper than that. 

A couple of jokes isn't enough to make 'Deadpool' great. The conventionality of the story doesn't come out that conventional, as the filmmakers draws clever tidbits to make it seem fresh. The action sequences were also exciting, thanks to the vivid execution of stunts and CGI. This is a fantastic, extremely fun movie. I had a ton of blast with this.

deadpool imax review 20th century fox philippines

The geek rates it 9/10!

'Deadpool' is now showing in cinemas nationwide in IMAX, 4DX and Dolby Atmos from 20th Century Fox Philippines. Rated R-16 by the MTRCB.

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