Money Monster - Movie Review

May 28, 2016
money monster movie review

'Money Monster', the latest directorial effort from Jodie Foster, assembles George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Jack O' Connell on a high-stakes newsroom thriller that attacks the fraudulent system of financial corporations as well as try to make fun out of it.

The film starts on a lively vibe, with George Clooney doing dance routines during his reports as a finance host on TV. It retain its energy when O' Connell's character was introduced, adding suspense to the whole thing, but the film loses its grip when it goes outside the newsroom set. 

money monster movie review

This is an excellent contained thriller during its first half, especially with the terrific performances from the three leads. O' Connell triumphs over the likes of Clooney and Roberts, who were also unsurprisingly great here. Having these three people together was one of the best bits in this movie, but the screenplay wants to expand this story, and the film suddenly loses its cohesiveness. 

There were a couple of scenes intended for humor that pulls the audience out of the supposed contained drama/ thriller it wants to be. 'Money Monster' was at its best for a while, and while the fantastic ending tries to reclaim it, it's already too late.

The geek rates it 7/10!

'Money Monster' opens this May 25 from Columbia Pictures Philippines! Rated R-13 by the MTRCB.

money monster movie review

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