This Time - Movie Review

May 21, 2016
this time jadine movie review 2016

'This Time' reunites the popular on and off-screen couple James Reid and Nadine Lustre (collectively coined as JaDine) in their first feature film after their hit series On The Wings Of Love. The pair already proved their chemistry together as seen from their previous outings such as Diary Ng Panget and Para Sa Hopeless Romantic, but charms don't usually add up to the story, especially when it frequently tries to focus itself on another one, which is what this film unfortunately did.

this time jadine movie review 2016

Coby (Reid) and Ava (Lustre) are childhood friends who only get to meet during summer because of Coby's commitment with his grandfather abroad. But distance prove them wrong as it builds their friendship to something special, while also becoming their biggest test.

this time jadine movie review 2016

The movie tells this story year to year, with the audience being spectators of the development of their relationship. It goes too far with the character occasionally complaining on the big events that happened on its respective year (e.g.: Heath Ledger dying in 2008, the H1N1 outbreak in 2009) in order to to poke awareness to the viewers. While it sometimes work, the writer's frequent use of culture references was overdone, and felt like it was there for the sole purpose of not confusing everyone.

Reid and Lustre are lovely together on-screen, but their magnetic chemistry was overshadowed by veteran actors Freddie Webb and Nova Villa's pairing. The latter's inclusion was an added bonus I wish wasn't there, but for a separate film. The film didn't even flesh out Webb and Villa's backstory either, which ended to a flat result. 

'This Time' also suffers from trying to find its fun. From making offensive marks such as taking photos with a deceased stranger inside a funeral parlor to introducing a new conflict that came out of nowhere, it concludes with something that doesn't feel natural. The two leads are forced to argue just because it needs problems to fill in, which the story never needed in the first place. The audience pay for the two leads and they got it, but one is expected to leave the theater with a frown with the muddled pieces they are forced to assemble.

The geek rates it 5/10!

'This Time' is now showing in cinemas nationwide from VIVA Films! Rated G by the MTRCB.

this time jadine movie review 2016

THIS TIME (2016):

Directed by: Nuel Naval

Starring: James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Candy Pangilinan, Ronnie Lazaro, Yam Concepcion, Bret Jackson, Donnalyn Bartolome, Issa Pressman, Al Tantay, Nova Villa, and Freddie Webb

Written by: Mel Mendoza Del Rosario

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