Just The 3 Of Us - Movie Review

May 11, 2016
just the 3 of us movie review

Just The 3 Of Us’ tells the story of a pilot (John Lloyd Cruz) whose one night stand in a bar with a girl (Jennylyn Mercado) he barely remembered lead him to become a possible father.

just the 3 of us movie review

As a whole, the film is obviously following a template previous Star Cinema rom-coms have been famously known for doing. At times, it tries to make it work but that’s not stopping for the film to struggle with its familiar structure.

just the 3 of us movie review

The movie is sweet and all, thanks to an infectious performance by Cruz and Mercado, but it keeps adding subplots we are not sure why it’s there. The inclusion of Baron Geisler’s character seems off, raising a conflict that was already there an hour ago and also a villain figure, because of course you need to have it.

just the 3 of us movie review

Director Cathy Garcia – Molina’s trademarks was obviously here, but you cannot help but to be tired of it since it’s basically the same thing you saw in her previous films but with a different setting.

just the 3 of us movie review

Just The 3 Of Us’ has the absolute potential of being a very charming movie, especially with the two leads being professional at their jobs. But it strays away from that by introducing unnecessary subplots that drags the movie down.

The geek rates it 6/10!

‘Just The 3 Of Us’ is now showing in cinemas nationwide! Rated R-13 by the MTRCB.

just the 3 of us movie review

JUST THE 3 OF US (2016):

Starring: John Lloyd Cruz, Jennylyn Mercado, Richard Yap, Joel Torre, Maria Isabel Lopez, Ketchup Eusebio, Joem Bascon, Yana Asistio, Victor Silayan, Fifth Solomon, Manuel Chua, AJ Manalo. Philip Joshua Endrinal, DJ Manalo. Michael Agassi, Josef Elizalde, Jed Montero

Directed by: Cathy Garcia-Molina

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