The Nice Guys - Movie Review

Jun 8, 2016
the nice guys philippines review

'The Nice Guys', Shane Black's comeback to his dark comedy form after a superhero movie stint in 2013's 'Iron Man 3', is a miracle. Released at summer time, it's somewhat a luck to get a film like this to be released in the season of comic book movie and blockbuster onslaught. While the film partly takes cues from the aforementioned genre for its terrific action sequences, it is a buddy cop movie at its truest core.

This film plays out like a film you would see in the '80s, the decade wherein Black became an instant star by writing 'Lethal Weapon'. But it wasn't done in a way to make this film structurally outdated. It was handled in a very refreshing manner contributed mostly by its two leads: Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe.

Gosling and Russell have an overflowing amount of chemistry on their scenes. The film opens up with the two trying to beat each other out of their differences, but as soon as the movie progresses, the characters somehow develop a certain kind of connection that doesn't feel forced in order to move the story along. While the two gave out their comedy chops, it was Gosling that really gave his all and have some of the funniest scenes I have seen in years. 

the nice guys philippines review

I'm not really expecting that much in this film, but I was at shock to see myself crying out of laughter constantly in the theater. Black's sharp screenplay, which he had written alongside Anthony Bagarozzi, is the main star here. It never runs out of making surprises to the audience, and by the end, it seems that it wants to make more. 

'The Nice Guys' made me cry from laughing no other movie had done for years. It is an ultimately rewarding experience to see it on the big screen, truly destined to become a new classic in American cinema.

The geek rates it 9/10!

'The Nice Guys' is now showing in cinemas nationwide from Viva International Pictures! Rated R-16 by the MTRCB.

the nice guys philippines review

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  1. Ryan Gosling was so hilarious in this film.

    Great review.

    - Zach (


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