Cinemalaya 2016: Short films Set A and B

Jul 23, 2016
cinemalaya short films

Here are the short films participating in this year's Cinemalaya Film Festival happening this August. It will be divided into 2 sets to cater all films properly.

(Click here for the full-length feature line-up)


Ang Maangas, ang Marikit at ang Makata (directed by Jose Ibarra Guballa)

Ang Maangas, ang Marikit at ang Makata short film cinemalaya
Alfonso, a warrior from the Other Side goes to town in search of the Captain for a payment that is owed to him.  He arrived at the house seeing Liwliw, the Captain’s daughter practicing her dance.  Complications arise when Delfin, a passionate poet, serenades the young lady.
Starring Martha Comia, Lao Rodriguez, Alvin Anson, Archie Adamos, Giro Alva, Rafael Raymundo, Lhet Navarro, Jan Michael Jamisola, Leandro Lorenzo

Pektus (directed by Isabel Quesada)

pektus cinemalaya short film
Pektus tells the story of a day in the lives of two men in the city -both proud, indifferent, and bound by the confines of their milieu and their choices in life- and their incidental yet preordained meeting in a one-way alley that would change their lives thereafter. Raising questions of how far people have control over what happens in their lives, the film seeks to explore circumstance versus choice, breaking points, and second chances.
Starring Nonie Buencamino, Jojit Lorenzo, Joel Saracho, EloraEspaño, Alex Medina, Jess Mendoza, Nova Villa, Shamaine Buencamino

Bugtaw (directed by Noah del Rosario)

bugtaw short film cinemalaya
Arman and Leo, two young boys and best friends living in the province, share a common past-time: writing down any dreams that they have and discussing them together for no reason at all.  On his way to their next meeting, however, Arman realizes that he is being followed by someone who might be haunting the dreams he refuses to reveal.
Starring John Vincent Servilla, Carlos Dala, Himlay Payapa

Mansyong Papel (directed by Ogos Aznar)

mansyong papel short film cinemalaya
Linda, in her 70s, is a Chinese citizen who has been living in the Philippines since the Japanese occupation of their homeland.  For a while, it was like she was building the perfect Chinese Family raising three children together with her Husband, Felipe, and a business tycoon who worked hard to increase their wealth to millions.  A mysterious phone call from the unknown shaken their home that leads to their bankruptcy.  Tragically, Felipe went in come for 7 years and left Linda devastated.  She tries to keep her family together until a revelation totally broke their home apart.
Starring Perla Bautisa,  Tony Mabesa, Odette Khan

Nakauwi Na (directed by Patrick Baleros, John Relano and Luis Hidalgo)

nakauwi na  short film cinemalaya
After years of separation and longing; Ramon visits Doroteo, his brother, hoping to make up for the lost time that they could have spent with each other.
Starring Himlay Payapa, Moises Magisa


Get Certified (directed by Isaias Herrera Zantua)

get certified cinemalaya short film
In the afterlife, the lost souls are given the opportunity to resurrect to someone else’s body to decide which path they will be taking after, Heaven or Hell.  On her fortieth day, Angelica believes that her calling is to become a full-fledged Demon…but will she get certified?
Starring Chai Fonacier, Regine Kimseng, Gloria Jocelyn Kimseng, Angelyn Khu, Miraluna Tongoy, Mark V. Fernandez

Forever Natin (Our Forever(directed by Cyrus Valdez)

forever natin short film cinemalaya
A lesbian couple, Pat and Karen, know fully well that their relationship won’t last for good. So they decide to draft a contract binding them together for a limited period of time, which starts out as a monthly contract, then becomes yearly, until they are together for 7 years. On their 7th anniversary, Pat makes a plan to surprise for Karen.
Starring Claudia Enriquez,  Rona Lallana

Butas (directed by Richard Cawed)

butas short film cinemalaya
A story of a Woman Miner from the Mountains of Benguet,  who struggles to balance life as a miner and a single parent. Butas will take you to a journey in the life of a mother who is struggling to make ends meet but is hopeful of being able to provide a better life for her son. Due to poverty in her native land she was forced to  work in a foreign country but comes back to the Philippines to take care of her son after the husband died from a mining accident.
Starring Jill Palencia, JhaykienNuyad, SkyzxLabastilla, Paul Temperante

Fish Out Of Water (directed by Mon A.L. Garilao)

fish out of water cinemalaya short film
Fish Out Of Water tells the story of Min-jae, a Korean-Filipino teenager, who is often discriminated against for being mixed-blood.  His utmost desire to belong to the homogeneous and hierarchical Korean society is tested when his single Filipina mother decides to send him to the Philippines one winter day.
Starring Alec Kevin Rigonan,  Yayo Aguila, Seo Yangwon

Ang Hapon Ni Nanding (directed by Rommel Tolentino)

ang hapon ni nanding short film cinemalaya
An introverted middle-aged man finds a wonderful distraction to his otherwise dull, late afternoons by the farm.
Starring Edmund Dreu Santiago,  Janus ‘MJ’ Aquino,  Rowendel Santos,  Melinda Aquino,  Ruben Santos

On their 12th year, Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival will be happening on CCP, Greenbelt 3, TriNoma and UP Town Center from August 5 to 14.

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