Gus Fring returns in new 'Better Call Saul' teaser

Jan 11, 2017
gus fring better call saul

'Breaking Bad' alum Giancarlo Esposito might be gearing up to return as meth dealer/ fast-food owner Gus Fring in its prequel show 'Better Call Saul' as a new promo from the show is teasing his much-awaited comeback to the role.


Fans seems to confirm Fring's appearance on the show through various easter eggs (the initials of all Season 2 episode titles reads "F.R.I.N.G.S.B.A.C.K" combined), but Esposito rejects the idea in an interview last August.

“I’ve been very very busy. And they have had interest and hopefully we’re going to figure something out possibly.  I feel like I’m done with it," Esposito said. Gus is so iconic, I’m finished. I’m done.  But, you know I love that family of film makers. I love Bob Odenkirk. I love the show, so let’s see what happens.”

'Better Call Saul' returns this Spring 2017 on AMC!

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