WATCH: 'Urban Myths' trailer reveals first look on Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson

Jan 11, 2017
joseph fiennes michael jackson

Sky Arts has released the first trailer for their upcoming comedy series 'Urban Myths', including the debut look on Joseph Fiennes as the iconic pop singer Michael Jackson.

'Urban Myths' will be an anthology-type series composed of made-for-TV films that chronicles popular urban legend stories of famous personalities such as Cary Grant, Adolf Hitler, Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson.

Fiennes, who was announced to be the actor tapped as Jackson last year, brought a lot of controversy from mostly Jackson's fans because of his casting deeming unfit for the role. 

"The decision with the casting and the producers — I wrangled with it, I was confused and shocked at what might come my way," Fiennes said during an interview with THR. "I knew the sensitivity, especially to Michael's fans and to Michael's family. It doesn't negate who he was."

'Urban Myths' premieres on Sky Arts this January 19!

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