'New Generation Heroes' screenings to offer 30% ticket discount for PRC ID holders

Sep 28, 2017
new generation heroes movie aiko melendes

Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID holders will get a chance to watch the upcoming 'New Generation Heroes' with 30% discount on its nationwide screening starting October 4.

The Anthony Hernandez film, top-billed by Aiko Melendes, and Anita Linda, serves as a tribute for teachers to "truly value and honor the beloved people in academic institutions." Its release will coincide with the celebration of World Teachers Day. 

The film follow four individuals that tackles the world of teaching in all its forms.

Joining Melendes and Linda in the cast are, Jao Mapa, Joyce Peñas, Dexter Doria, Gloria Sevilla, Rob Sy, and Debraliz Valasonte. 

new generation heroes aiko melendes

'New Generation Heroes' is distributed by Golden Tiger Films.

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