Review: 'Love You To The Stars And Back' delivers compelling, heartfelt drama

Sep 1, 2017
Love You To The Stars And Back movie review

'Love You To The Stars And Back,' Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto's sophomore feature together, resorts to the vulnerability and hopefulness on the impossibilities of life. It incorporates drama that allows its audience to be exhausted on employing empathy and emotions over the fragility of its characters. Luckily, all of it doesn't feel demanding at all. The subtlety of director Antoinette Jadaone in stitching such large display of tragedy on-screen actually end up contributing to the humaneness of it than being something that is glorified.

Love You To The Stars And Back movie review

The film follows Mika (Barretto) and Caloy (Garcia), two people who go on the road in pursuit of getting the possible remedies to their respective problems. The former grieves for her mother's passing, leading her to drive on an in a mountain with hopes of reuniting back with her, while the latter is diagnosed with leukemia, and wants to spend his final moments by meeting his estranged father. 

Love You To The Stars And Back movie review

The film's biggest strength is the fact that it doesn't really tries to sell itself that much in order for all of it to be effective. A recurring discussion involving the possibilities of alien existence was portrayed to an extent where the thing became acceptable. For a film that downright plays on groundedness, it's funny how they were able to make it work. But it's all thanks to the chemistry between Garcia and Barretto, whose terrific shared presence here validates the fact that their previous film Vince & Kath & James is no accident. 

Love You To The Stars And Back movie review

The two shines the most in their performances. Garcia continues to excel and impress the many with his dramatic bits. It's a wonder what this actor can do next time. The same goes to Barretto, who appears to be more comfortable and free as an actress compared to his earlier stints on television. 

'Love You To The Stars And Back' doesn't feel restrained compared to the last few rom-coms of Star Cinema. It appears Jadaone got the approval from the bosses to go for something outside the box, one of the reasons why the whole thing feels free-spirited and genuinely heartfelt.

The geek rates it 9/10!

'Love You To The Stars And Back' is now showing in cinemas nationwide. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

Love You To The Stars And Back movie review

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