Benedict Cumberbatch, Karen Gillan and Joe Russo surprise fans at 'Infinity War' event

Apr 17, 2018
benedict cumberbatch karen gillan joe russo infinity war philippines

A packed SM Megamall, Cinema 7 were instructed to chant the phrase “We’re ready for you, Avengers” as a supposed greeting to be seen by the cast of ‘Avengers: Infinity War.’ 

After numerous practices, the screen then revealed a surprise live feed of stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Karen Gillan and director Joe Russo who may have been watching the fans all along in a television screen at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, which makes up for the loudest screams among the crowd who joined Walt Disney Pictures Philippines’ ‘Avengers’ fan event last April 15, 2018.

All of you are fantastic. The noise, the energy in that room. Thank you,” Cumberbatch said. 

Joe Russo, who co-directed the film with his brother Anthony Russo, commended how the fans of Marvel are the “best fans in the world.” He urged the crowd to be excited for the film which is set to open in Philippine cinemas on April 25. 

If you get invested in the Marvel universe in the last 10 years, this is it. This is the big finish and we’re excited because you’re going to see all of your favorite characters together. Have fun with it,” Russo stressed.

Russo noted the collision of the multiple characters assembling in this cross-over event. 

Every character has a singular impact of say, the point of this film is that this is a culmination of 10 years of storytelling. I think the real impact of the movie for me, for the audience, is the chemistry between all of the characters. I think that’s going to be the most exciting part of it,” he added.

avengers infinity war philippines

Karen Gillan reprises her role Nebula from the first two ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ films. The actress revealed that the evolution of the character from becoming a villain to a more nuanced member of the Guardians will be highlighted in ‘Infinity War.’

She has a very specific terrible relationship with his father Thanos, and she has a very strong agenda to take him down. That’s going to be put into play in the ‘Avengers’ film. It’s going to become a cathartic experience for her,” Gillan shared.

avengers infinity war sm cinema event

The ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ fan event organized by Walt Disney Pictures Philippines is an assembly of hundreds of Marvel fans locally to commemorate the release of the film this April. 

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