‘Avengers: Infinity War’ sidesteps its long list of heroes

May 1, 2018
avengers infinity war review

Gathering multiple characters from different films and put it into one film is a gargantuan task to execute, and it takes ballsy creative decisions in order to link all of them without appearing as overstuffed. In the case of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, whose 19 films lead up to the culminating ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ the ambition is an easy inch towards failure. 

The film could easily be labelled as the ultimate crossover film for the ages, featuring all of the studio’s heroes they introduced and developed for a decade. It is based off the ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ comic-book serial. But this one is a different case. Sibling directors Joe and Anthony Russo has to congest Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Captain America, Thor and more into a two and a half hour running time. While this is a film leading up to Avengers 4, its follow-up, still it’s an incredibly difficult thing to weave.

avengers infinity war review

In ‘Infinity War’, the heroes from Earth (Avengers, etc.) and other realms of galaxy (Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor, etc.) are forcibly united when the villainous Thanos plans on collecting the infinity stones, that when completed, can have the capacity to wipe out half of humanity.

While this is an “Avengers” film, most of it leans on the character of Thanos. It makes a lot of sense since everyone literally assemble because of this character, and his brief appearances from previous Marvel films (in the form of cameos and post-credit stingers) isn’t enough to solidify him as someone of threat and terror. Josh Brolin brought a humane dimension to Thanos’ complex ideologies and past tragedies. His ambitious quest to eradicating multitudes of civilians lies on the borderline of becoming immoral and inconsequential. But it is his adventures in collecting the six infinity stones, the sacrifices along the way that made his arc very strong. 

avengers infinity war review

After multiple viewings of the film, it's safe to say that Thor was the sole character (apart from Thanos) to have a complete narrative arc. Out of the 20+ characters introduced and re-introduced here, the film opens and closes with Thor being a prominent figure along the way. Quite an interesting move for a studio that peppers more Iron Man or Captain America pushes since they are the more popular bits of this "cinematic universe." But that's not to say the film never balances everyone in one stew. I think each of them got their own contributions and fair share of screen time or "fanboy moments." Even this year's crowd favorite Black Panther was here for 15 minutes or less. 

avengers infinity war review

'Avengers: Infinity War' is one of those films that seems impossible to pull off. An ambitious risk on its own, the Russos made an even riskier move by having a less established character in this franchise be the center point of this piece with the villain Thanos. This culminating film is an impressive feat for Marvel, and this one ended with a promise for some pretty exciting expansion in its established grounds.

'Avengers: Infinity War' is now showing in cinemas!

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