Review: 'Incredibles 2' retains the charm and wonder

Jun 20, 2018
  • incredibles 2 review

When 'The Incredibles' opened in 2004, it was a revelation. In a comic book movie landscape that is mostly veered towards mature audiences (X-Men, Blade), the film made the sub-genre more accessible to a much younger age bracket. And it happens to be insanely good also, concluding in a semi-cliffhanger that leaves the audience waiting for a possible follow-up. 14 years after, we have the long overdue 'Incredibles 2' — which despite a long waiting gap — retains the charm and wonder its predecessor was so remembered for.

In this sequel, Helen Parr/ Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) was recruited by business tycoon Winston Deavor (Bob Odenkirk) to fight crimes to convince the government approve a law legitimizing the presence of superheroes in the streets. This leaves her husband Bob/ Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) do the house work with their kids, which is a much more challenging task than he thought.

incredibles 2 review

'Incredibles 2' is quite a rewarding experience. It seems Pixar has seen themselves bombarded with the prospect to deliver heart-wrenching drama, which is not bad at all. It's just that this film is so refreshing to look at from the studio's recent filmography, allowing itself to be as free and insanely creative as it must be. Here, the stereotypical parent roles are reversed, with women doing more physical stuff outside family than men.

The villain also happens to expound on its theme of female empowerment as well. Ironically, the character was the weakest part of the entire film, not giving a satisfying and intriguing arc to begin with.

Brad Bird, who returns as director for this sequel after sidetracking on live action projects such as Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol and the very underrated Tomorrowland feels more confident as ever, and some of his visual flares goes to some pretty impressive results. The animation in this film is undoubtedly beautiful, but there are a lot of moments where a tricky use of lighting and use heightens up the energy of the set pieces. Perhaps, his takeaways from his non-animation stints.

'Incredibles 2' works best when the action are laid rest to focus more on its human elements, a study on gender relations and how one's masculinity can be challenged by the responsibilities of fatherhood. It is a family movie as it should be, emphasis on dynamics no more. Let the action and hero politics be a bonus because they are a welcoming presence also.

'Incredibles 2' is now showing in cinemas nationwide!

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