Black Arrow Express officially launches with hopes to compete in Southeast Asia's Digital Economy

Jul 14, 2018
black arrow express app

Black Arrow Express, last mile and consumer delivery firm under total logistics provider AAI, today announced that it is launching its mobile application for iOS and Android mobile devices. This addition to Black Arrow Express’ current service line illustrates the company’s initiative to innovate and bring an improved delivery experience to retailers and consumers.

“We are not a tech company looking to build a logistics network. We are logistics experts with a strong network, simply adapting to the needs of our market,” said Allan Brizuela, President of Black Arrow Express.

The mobile app will cater to the growing eCommerce trend in the Philippines, and eventually Southeast Asia. In 2017, total eCommerce sales accounted for over $2.3 Trillion worldwide. The app also aims to address the increasing risks from handling cash payments by integrating convenient payment options, and address pick-up and delivery failure rates by providing real-time updates through push notifications and SMS from system-integrated pick-up and drop-off locations.

Apart from payment options and real-time updates, Black Arrow Express’ mobile application also includes:

● Easy sign-up through Facebook or Google accounts to allow users to sign-up or login with 1 click

● Optimized booking features for casual “one-off” retail transactions or bulk-booking for SMEs, online sellers, and corporate clients

● Pick-up and delivery right at your doorstep, with the option to drop-off or pick-up packages in over 1,200 partner outlets nationwide

● Integrated segment-based updates within the app and online through Black Arrow Express’ website

● Cash on delivery to address the gap between users who do not own credit/debit cards

●  Next day pick-up and express delivery with reduced delivery failure within three (3) to five (5) days

● Facebook Messenger In-app Integration for direct contact to Black Arrow Express’ customer service team

● Loyalty and Mystery Box Rewards for loyal users and repeat transactions

black arrow express app

allan brizuela

“Our app is based on independent studies on the demands and behaviours of the market. We invested thousands of man-hours to make sure we deliver an app that will benefit both buyers and sellers,” adds Brizuela.

black arrow express app

Founded in 2016, Black Arrow Express is currently available in the Philippines. They are targeting to expand their courier services to other Southeast Asian economies by 2019. For more information, visit or

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