Cinemalaya film 'ML' seeks to reinforce martial law for millennials

Jul 23, 2018
ml movie cinemalaya 2018

'ML' is just one out of the few films that seeks to narrate the history of Martial Law in this year's Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival. It also seems to be the most direct in its intention to discuss the issue among millennials. 

In the film, Tony Labrusca plays a young student whose curiosity on Martial Law led him to Eddie Garcia's retired Metrocom colonel role, allowing him to experience the dark truth of era first-hand in a way he did not expect.

ml movie cinemalaya 2018
Tony Labrusca

Garcia commends the project for being "very timely," and is a worthy watch among today's youth.  

ml movie cinemalaya 2018
Eddie Garcia

"I think the film is very timely too, so it will be good if it will be seen by the youth of today. Magugustuhan nila ito, lalo na ang mga taong hindi pa buhay nu'ng panahon ng Martial Law. Para makita nila kung ano ang nangyayari," Garcia said. 

Directed by Benedict Mique, 'ML' aims to reinforce that the concept of restrained independence is bad. 

ml movie cinemalaya 2018
Director Benedict Mique (left) with 'ML' stars Eddie Garcia and Tony Labrusca

"There are millennials that think martial law is good. But anything that curtails your freedom is not good. We have laws 'and rules, it's already enough for this to implement," Mique stressed.

Mique added that a part of the film will portray Martial Law if set in the present, perpetrated by a man who lived and breathe in that era. 

'ML' will be showing on August 3 to 12 in Cinemalaya alongside other competition and non-competition films in select theaters (CCP, Trinoma, Glorietta, Greenbelt 1, UP Town Center, Legazpi Cinema). It will have its gala screening this Sunday, 6:15pm at the CCP Main Theater (Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo). 


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