Lady Gaga shines in her first lead role in 'A Star is Born'

Sep 25, 2018
a star is born movie 2018 philippines

Multiple award-winning, Oscar-nominated music superstar Lady Gaga stars in Warner Bros. Pictures’ “A Star is Born,” her first leading role in a major motion picture. 

In the film, Bradley Cooper (who also directs the film) portrays seasoned musician Jackson Maine, who discovers and falls in love with struggling artist Ally (Gaga).  She has given up on her dream to become a successful singer, until she meets Jack, who immediately sees her natural talent.

a star is born movie 2018 philippines

In addition to playing Ally, Gaga—who earned an Oscar nod for the song “Til It Happens to You” from the film “The Hunting Ground”—performs original songs in the film with Cooper, which they wrote with a handful of artists, including Lukas Nelson, Jason Isbell and Mark Ronson.  The music is original and all vocals for the movie were recorded live during filming.

Gaga—as experienced a performer as they come—was nervous to take on the role of Ally in her first feature film, but nevertheless thrilled to do so with Cooper at the helm and by her side.  “I had to get past the nerves, but I was so excited,” she relates, “because, in my opinion, when somebody has talent inside them, brewing for years, ready to move into another medium and it finally happens…it’s like a huge explosion, an opus.  He was meant to direct, and I just got lucky enough to be in his first film.”

Cooper states, “She’d done incredible work as an actress, but to make this huge transition… It felt like we were at the same point individually in our work, and we both needed the same thing from each other, essentially, in order to jump the tracks to this other place.”

a star is born movie 2018 philippines

“So much of this film resonates with me still,” says Gaga, months after the film’s completion.  “I think a lot of people will relate to the themes, and the story will be something profound to them.  And the music really tells this love story—that’s something we all took very seriously and believed in.  We all saw Bradley’s vision and we all wanted, to the very last second, to make it just perfect.”

Lady Gaga is a Grammy and Golden Globe winner and Academy Award-nominated, one-of-a kind artist and performer.  She has amassed an outstanding 31 million global album sales and 171 million single sales, making her one of the best-selling musicians of all time.  Gaga is also one of the biggest living forces in social media, with over 60 million likes on Facebook, over 76 million followers on Twitter and over 29 million followers on Instagram.  Her fifth studio album, Joanne, was released in October 2016 and debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200, marking her fourth consecutive #1 album—the first female to do so in the 2010s.

In 2015, Gaga starred in the fifth installment of the Ryan Murphy FX drama “American Horror Story: Hotel.”  The role earned her a 2016 Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Mini-Series or TV Film.

Last September, she released her Chris Moukarbel-directed documentary “Lady Gaga: Five Foot Two” via Netflix.  

a star is born movie 2018 philippines

In 2012, Gaga launched the Born This Way Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering youth, embracing differences and inspiring kindness and bravery.  She is also an outspoken activist, philanthropist and supporter of many important issues, including LGBT rights, HIV/AIDS awareness and body image issues.

In Philippine cinemas October 10, A Star is Born is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

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