Review: 'Asuang' is a delight to watch

Oct 16, 2018
asuang 2018 raynier brizuela

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There’s richness on the world ‘Asuang’ was able to set up. In the film, Gods come in the form of physically present in human form. They party, post updates on social media, and loves to prepare food for guests. The titular Asuang, the God of Sins, was resented by his peers because of his ego. Presented to look like a mock documentary, the film follows a group of filmmakers documenting Asuang as he tries to validate himself in the form of stopping his brother in stopping further deaths of the human race.

asuang 2018 raynier brizuela

Cinematic world-building can lead to an exhaustive relay of exposition, but I was deeply fascinated with what writer-director Raynier Brizuela was able to accomplish. The world of ‘Asuang’ is no different from what we have now, wherein people are deeply rooted on being relevant on social media. Asuang, the character, fixated his character arc on this premise, and how the script managed to hold this together, in the end, is very warm. 

asuang 2018 raynier brizuela

This is why the film works so well. While it’s busy assembling new gags and jokes, it never escapes the character study. Alwyn Uytingco was impressive as Asuang, and his charisma transcends even on the more offensive stints his character creates.

asuang 2018 raynier brizuela

The film feels clunky halfway through, but it’s an overall delight to watch. There are a few moments wherein its unsure of what it wants to head. Regardless, they were able to consistently fortify its lead, and I’m fine with that. I wouldn’t mind spending more time with him, after all. 

'Asuang' is part of Cinema One Originals 2018, which is currently running until October 21, 2018.

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