Review: 'Bagyong Bheverlynn' is self-aware of how pointless it was

Oct 14, 2018
bagyong bheverlynn movie 2018

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A large chunk of the comedy in 'Bagyong Bheverlynn' does not come on the logic of its events, but of popular culture references, something that a lot of films today has been guilty of doing for mere cheap laughs. It never tries to go deeper than that, and while the central plot involves a woman whose alter ego is a literal storm, the whole thing comes close to becoming just irrelevant. 

And I think that's what the director Charliebebs Gohetia was conceptualizing early on the process. Casting Ruffa Mae Quinto is a clear point that it is going for something campy, and it is one, although you might really be bothered to realize it was being too indulgent of being one. Jokes goes from shot to shot that it's just too tiring to watch. And these jokes are lay down for quick consumption, and you immediately shit it down because it serves no purpose in you.

bagyong bheverlynn movie 2018

I was very displeased to just discover how almost unbearable it is, and there's nothing even offensive or crude here, the comedy was too exhausting for me to just even digest. (are the jokes even that worthy for digestion?) 

bagyong bheverlynn movie 2018

'Bagyong Bheverlynn' founds the middle ground by having scenes showing how self-aware of its treatment. But it isn't enough to count as an excuse of the atrocities they put here. To describe the experience watching it, it felt like I was watching a one and a half hour meme. But memes are inherently short and are structured to work that way.

For a film which have characters throwing off jokes from each other, there's not much to discover about them beyond that. It's that too thin of a film. Even when it embraces (up to even glorifying ) its absurdity, it's equally bad.

bagyong bheverlynn movie 2018

I really hope it's Gohetia's intention to make 'Bagyong Bheverlynn' as a very bad movie. I do hope they are having fun making it. And if that's the truth, I just wish their energy transcends the least on-screen.

'Bagyong Bheverlynn' is part of Cinema One Originals 2018, which currently runs until October 12 to 21, 2018.

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