Review: Tony Labrusca and Joem Bascon are enigmatic in 'Double Twisting Double Back'

Oct 16, 2018
double twisting double back 2018 joseph abello

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In ‘Double Twisting Double Back,’ Tony Labrusca plays Badger, a gymnast who in the midst of getting his shot at the national gymnastics competition was prevented by a rival who will do anything to be in control. It’s a simple plot, at least that’s what the publicized one indicated. I came into the film with certain expectations, but I didn’t really expect it to become a mental thriller. I didn’t expect it to become a mix of ‘Black Swan’ and ‘Fight Club,’ (or even ‘Mr. Robot’) in which characters’ decisions are distorted by an enemy they cannot control.

Badger is nothing like Ed Norton’s character from the latter film. He is aware that this “rival,” portrayed by Joem Bascon, is willing to take action over him. He will decline and argue if this action could lead to repercussions over his sports career, but he never won in each instance. ‘Double Twisting Double Back’ might not offer a completely new story, but it still manages to become an engaging one. 

double twisting double back 2018 joseph abello

The film is at its peak when its mental battle reaches an ambiguous line between illusion and reality. There’s a need to commend how writer-director Joseph Abello just maximizes the opportunity to went all-out with this complex concept, which goes from just being there to abstract. And to cap it all off, it has one of my favorite endings all year. 

Abello could really fail easily here. It’s no easy to make each event feel seamless, or better yet, arrest you the entire time. I doubt it couldn’t get better than this without the pairing of Labrusca and Bascon, who are just enigmatic onscreen. Like Badger and his rival, this is a game of thespians. With regards to who won, you’ll have to see it and decide.

double twisting double back 2018 joseph abello

The best thing about ‘Double Twisting Double Back’ is its aura of confidence by its filmmakers. They know that what they are doing here is quality material. They know they have to take this thing extremely serious. And it shows. And it delivers. And it just won my palate. 

'Double Twisting Double Back' is part of Cinema One Originals 2018, which is currently running until October 21, 2018.

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