Review: 'Mamu; And a Mother Too' is a breath of fresh air

Oct 13, 2018
mamu; and a mother too movie review

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I had this initial concern that I may leave the screening of ‘Mamu; And A Mother Too’ comparing it to other Filipino films about homosexuality. With the titular lead character Mamu being forced to take care of his niece, I might recall Lino Brocka’s ‘Ang Tatay Kong Nanay.’ How about that subplot about his eagerness to have breast implants, will it even par with Eduardo Roy, Jr.’s ‘Quick Change?’ With only a few local contents about them, would you even blame me that I subscribed on the notion that this film might appear as a retread of others that came before it? 

mamu; and a mother too movie review

30 minutes into ‘Mamu,’ I don’t think I have to ask that myself again. I was immediately hooked over its playfulness and humor. The characters were easily likable and confident in the pursuit of their respective struggles. And most importantly, they are seemingly less concerned with being validated because of their orientation. 

mamu; and a mother too movie review

It’s really a complete breath of fresh air, on the sole reason that the biggest plight of its gay characters concerns either earning money or being torn by their admirers. ‘Mamu’ feels like it was living in a near-perfect world wherein acceptance wasn't much of a problem, that they are strongly capable of doing the things other people can do. It’s a truly empowering piece of our local gay cinema, and writer-director Rod Singh did it by not being too loud and preachy, but by just exhibiting a playful aura for his opportunity to represent themselves behind the camera. 

mamu; and a mother too movie review

mamu; and a mother too movie review

The film suffers at times with its tonal shifts. While the jokes work, its timing can sometimes lose the steam of its more heavy moments. I also don’t think Mamu, the lead character’s biggest challenge needs to go on the lengths of being disgusting. 

mamu; and a mother too movie review

Overall, I found the film very gleeful in its portrayal of the gay community. The energy and passion put here are infectious because you feel it within the sincerity of its characters, which was beautifully realized by Iyah Mina, EJ Jallorina, and even Arron Villaflor. I highly endorse this.

'Mamu; And a Mother Too' is part of Cinema One Originals 2018, which is currently running until October  21, 2018.

PHOTO CREDITS: Cinema One Originals/ ABS-CBN Films

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