Why 'Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap' deserves its place in cinemas

Nov 25, 2018
ang pangarap kong holdap movie cinemas

Yesterday, Mavx Productions announced that their upcoming release ‘Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap’ (directed by Marius Talampas) is struggling to find cinemas because they are being rejected by these chains due to the nature of the film’s title (English translation: ‘My Dream Heist’), which according to them, might have a “bad connotation to the public.”

This type of news isn’t really new. It was only last October when we learned the sudden re-titling of one Cinema One Originals entry ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ from its original ‘Fisting (Never Tear Us Apart). But that move was done in agreement with its producers and the festival itself so as to cater to the sensibility of the audience. The case of ‘Ang Pangarap…’ was a different one. Something that goes beyond censorship.

ang pangarap kong holdap movie cinemas

I have seen the film days ago during its premiere in UP Diliman. A terrific film where each jokes land. The crowd roared in laughter. They seem to love it. I can’t recall any instances wherein there was a complaint surrounding its title or just even the robberies that took place in the film. The film is more than its title, and if we continue to restrain the freedom of our local filmmakers to screen the film to the widest reach possible, then we have a large issue here. 

Our local cinemas, specifically the ones owned by giant mall companies, have developed (and will probably continue to stay for some time) a business-oriented culture of prioritizing foreign films over local content. It’s not really wrong to distribute international movies here, but we have come to the point where our own artists feel like they’ve been trampled down by their own country.

ang pangarap kong holdap movie cinemas

The issue surrounding ‘Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap’ reinforces the terrible cycle we are conforming in our local film industry. On the basis of titles alone, I’m sure there are worse that still got the slot they need in these cinemas. This film, like every other local film that either got pulled out or also struggling to find an audience, deserves its place in cinemas. I’m not speaking here just because I liked the film, I know that the Filipino moviegoers are not narrow-minded. 

ang pangarap kong holdap movie cinemas

It’s impressive how we are slowly building more support towards independent content, regardless of whether the film was good or bad. They know that these films needed them. They are “paying” to see these (if you’re wondering its profitability to the market). Every cinema chain should know that, even if they’re just solely basing things on money.

As for ‘Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap,’ if the film never got the chance to screen itself wide on November 28, support it in microcinema screenings. It’s worth the watch and support.


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