Review: 'Class of 2018' fails on the attempt of something exciting

Nov 8, 2018
class of 2018 movie review

Class of 2018’ follows a group of students on a field trip gone wrong. They are kidnapped and locked in a remote facility perpetrated by scientists. Clueless of what to do, they find themselves on a survival mission when one of their classmates was infected, turning into a zombie.

Is zombie even the right word for it? I found myself so focused on how director Charliebebs Gohetia treated the entire narrative that a definitive term for these creatures was out-of-sight. In this film, the infected students are nothing but killing machines, as supposed to just mere man-eating monsters. If we dig deeper, there’s not enough strong background to support these glorified acts. So, what should we derive from this? 

The cold open for this movie has a strong sense of artificiality on it. At least, the way I look it, very reminiscent of a primetime television program from the early ‘00s. Camp is the best way to put it, and the style has been very in-shape for the majority of this film. 

class of 2018 movie review

A part of me wonders why Gohetia pushes for such creative decision when he is trying to make us feel a strong empathy and connection with a couple of its ensemble, when in fact the background feels off-putting and cartoonish. Even on a campy standpoint, the entire film also does not feel right. Jokes don’t land as it should have been. The attempt on something exciting fails because the filmmaker successfully disconnects us to the story. 

The lead stars of ‘Class of 2018’ originated in a weekly sitcom for kids “Goin’ Bulilit.” Like the type of childish humor intentionally made for that show, it feels odd to find myself likening its comedy here. This film, to see the stars from ‘Bulilit’ all grown up, leaves no room for maturity. They need to be taken seriously, because from the looks of their performances, they really want to. Unfortunately, the film does not permit it. 

class of 2018 movie review

'Class of 2018' is now showing. Locally distributed by T-Rex Entertainment, the film is rated R-16 by the MTRCB.

PHOTO CREDITS: T-Rex Entertainment

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